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New Video Blog - Dartanion's Dreams - Eclipse

Mar. 1st, 2008 | 05:22 pm
posted by: robodart in sleepysauce

I started a video blog where I take my dreams and make them real. The first one is about that eclipse we had.

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This is just a dream.

Jan. 3rd, 2007 | 02:24 pm
dream mood(s): contemplativecontemplative
posted by: el_c_files in sleepysauce

it was going alright, and everything was normal (for the dream that is) my friends were having babies and stuff haha umm, and then it went to another scene and my friends were like, "hey, help us kill this 1/8th!" and i was like okay! so we were walking on this path to the other side of whereever we were, and then i look over to my left and i see mikey in the bathroom (there were windows) and some girl giving him head so i stop for a moment and cock my head and look more as if i'm seeing something wrong, and then he somehow makes eye contact and squints as if he's seeing something odd and then i walk more and look more and then catch up with the group and i keep on walking with the group but i'm really confused now and then i finally break and start telling someone to see if they know anything and then they don't, but right as i finish telling the story mikey and a bunch of other theta chis come over and then mikey pulls me aside he then starts to tell me about this chick named nicole or something and about how he's always had a thing for her but she never liked him and then how he was selling her weed and then they started smoking and one thing led to another

and then i woke up.

so now, not only do i not know what EXACTLY happend, but I don't get an ending to this story.

I looked up what it meant through a dream interpreter website called Dream Moods where it said this:
To dream that your mate, spouse, or significant other is cheating on you, indicates your fears of being abandoned. You may feel a lack of attention in the relationship. Alternatively, you may feel that you are not measuring up to the expectations of others. This notion may stem from issues of trust or self-esteem."


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The REAL reason I haven't gotten paid.

Nov. 18th, 2006 | 02:50 pm
posted by: saucyrudolf in sleepysauce

I was at the Boys & Girls Club again, but it was GIGANTIC. They were fairly plain rooms: the carpets were gray, and the walls were off-white. And there were tons of those big, shaped gymnastic-type mats to jump in. Like, hundreds of them, in a colorful pile. Ben (co-worker) did this insane jump over a tall cylindrical one to get on top of the pile, and I didn't think I could do that, but I tried anyway, and totally did it! And the cylinder-mat fell down behind me. Then we were just running around and jumping in the mats, and it was fun!

Then I saw, through a window, across another big room, and through another window, that there were gigantic inflatable toys. And I was like, I MUST jump on those. But I couldn't figure out how to get out of the room I was in. Eventually I found a door to which the handle had been taped shut, ripped the tape off, and ran through to the other room!

The Boys & Girls Club kids were in this room. There were a lot of little toys, and big toys... lots and lots of toys. There was at least one transformer, and a colorful foldy-fence kind of thing... anyway, I wandered around the room, toys scattered about the floor, looking for the giant inflatables. I acted inconspicuous, like I was actually looking for a kid. Dawn (the club superviser) asked me what I was doing, and I asked her what happened to the inflated toys?!

She told me that there were two of them, and Andre and Isabel (2 B&G kids) had eaten them. Isabel wandered over to us and explained that they were delicious. Then Dawn told me about how they now had bad stomach aches. Andre was across the room whimpering.

I was let down. So I started sweeping the room, which was ridiculously dirty, apparently! Piles of dirt were coming out of the carpet. While I was sweeping, a big, older guy (gray-haired and perhaps in his 50's) came in the room and started watching me. He said something rude, so I said, "You're kind of an asshole." Dawn was shocked! She explained to me that THIS was the man who signed all of our paychecks! And that if we made him angry, we might not get paid!

I thought that was stupid. I kept sweeping, but the broom got shorter so it was really ackward. He continued watching my sweep. I was slightly annoyed.

Then he took us on a ride to another car, and wouldn't let me play the radio very loud. We parked across the street from a really old car, and Ben (who was now actually Chris Jones) got out and opened the door to the old car, and immediately got covered in ashes, or something, so that there was this thick layer of white-gray powder all over him.

I was like, "He looks like a ghost!"

The asshole-man was not amused.

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fucked up dream.

Nov. 18th, 2006 | 01:34 pm
dream mood(s): uncomfortableuncomfortable
dream type: talkie walkie album by air
posted by: el_c_files in sleepysauce

I forget how it starts, but I start having sex with Ali after every party I go to. which is pretty fucked up because I'm with Mikey. Well, all of this cheating and fucking catches up to Mikey and we're sitting front table at a concert in the summit and I'm also with my friend Angelica who I've become pretty close with. Well, Mikey is all like FUCK YOU FOR CHEATING ON ME YOU WHORE, WE'RE OVER! and leaves. Then Angel (Angelica's nickname) get's all upset at me for some other reason, or the same one--I can't remember---and then btiches me out as well and leaves. I am left at the concert that no one else is at crying in at the first table so upset with my life, because I thought I had screwed up my relationship with Mikey which fucked with my relationship with all of our mutual friends, and then fucked up my friendship with my good friend and though I'd be exhiled from my dorm room. Which then made me think that it's all becuase I'm Jewish and this shit just tends to fall into our laps and we always get fucked over for it.

Now...I wake from this dream and I'm in MIkey's bed with Mikey next to me, but I feel dirty like it was real and then I almost start to cry thinking---fuck man, what if that shit really happend? I can't handle it. And so I turn to him to make sure he's there and then I make a noise of crying and he's like "what's up baby?" and I say nothing but my stomach just drops as if I had been cheating on him WHICH I KNOW I HAVN'T and I KNOW I WON'T!! and that he will find out and break up with me. Or that some shit will go down----either way--I know I won't be able to handle a breakup at this point. I don't know if I'm asking for advice on whether or not to tell him about the dream, I just....it creeps me out that my mind could even come up with such crazy shit like that. Fuck.

btw---the frist paragraph is a dream. the second one is not.

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Mar. 30th, 2006 | 12:45 am
posted by: saucyrudolf in sleepysauce

I was locked in a dark room, because some woman down the hall was keeping me there. I don't know why. I saw here once, and she looked like she was 1000 pounds, and was also unclean. It was pretty gross. I was grossed out so much that I blocked that out of my mind, and the next time I saw her she was only 300 pounds, and had had a haircut.

There was also a point where there was a robot tracking my breathing patterns, to check if I was actually sleeping at nighttime. And it made my nervous so I started breathing really fast.


I escaped!

I flew an airplane.

I got pulled over by the "police" (Sylvia and Pacman, Hale's security guards), who questioned me for a bit and then let me go.

I chillaxed with Johnny Depp, and a guy who knew Capoera.

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Tune in next week...

Feb. 22nd, 2006 | 04:08 pm
posted by: saucyrudolf in sleepysauce

Tristan was giving me a ride home from school (on his bicycle) and I was giving him directions as we went. He got confused at one point so we pulled over. That's when I realized that we were being followed by a creepy guy who parked his bike next to us, so I was like hurry up let's go! Then we went. Then we missed a turn so I was like well we'll just try going a new way! And we went down a cobblestone road that was too steep so we had to walk the bike down.

Then we arrived at a park (which I deemed Greenlake) and I thought to myself, "Why Didn't I ever come here after school before? I'm going to do that every day from now on, on the way home from school."

There was a bake sale or a big picnic or something going on there where people were making huge cookies and handing them out under canopies. It was WONDERFUL! Javin offered me one that was "the size of a pizza"! It was sooo good.

Then I started talking to Tristan about how excited I was that I'm going to get a bike for my birthday in a month and this teacher overheard and thought I was acting childish.

Suddenly, we heard a boom sound, and a bird fell out of a tree. My first thought was that someone was shooting them (hunting... in a park!) But everyone looked around and didn't see anyone with a rifle or shotgun. Then it happened again.

We were still curious about what it was when this TV show host/newscaster informed us that dynamite sticks had been planted in the ground the night before and they would blow up out of the ground at random moments. (He gave a VERY detailed discription of how this worked.) While he was describing, Patrick was placing lit dynamite sticks in the ground (to demonstrate?) They would shoot into the air, explode, then fall back into their hole. Patrick kept planting these closer and closer to me, and I had to keep moving away from them to dodge them.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Then the newscaster guy announced, "If you tune in later, I will tell you how you can tell by how the sticks were placed in the ground whether this was done by a criminal with previous offenses or by a careless n00b."

And I was like, "Well, how can you tell?"

And the newscaster was like, "You'll have to tune in later to find out."

And I was like, "But you KNOW how, so just tell me!"

And he was like, "No. Tune in next week."

And I was like, "HOW ANNOYING! You're an idiot."

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(no subject)

Feb. 21st, 2006 | 01:34 pm
posted by: rewards4losers in sleepysauce

I was at a wedding in new york(in the 1920's)My best freind was getting marreid to this total bitch I hated her, and in real life i still honestly do, I remember during the wedding me and my other freind were plotting againest her so I couldnt think of anything, he of cousre has a knife and runs at them, a cop comes out of nowhere and assests him, im stock there just looking at him, wondering why he does that...

So after the wedding there was this giant limo, everyone gets in it, and forgets me I just stand outside watching go off then it explodes (apperently a bomb from the guy who got arrested) i was left in new york i head to the next bus stop and get on the next bus saying "Can this get me to wedgewood?" there are two drivers they one says yes the other no, I get on anyways, after a long ride they decied i should be let off

i was at a peir(still in new york), i go on it through a bridge i cross it all the way to the then i look down, were at least a mile up on the peir and the railing is down and the bridge is narowed, i look at the 3 people on the peir on walks off easily the other says "whats the matter kid, cross" i say "Fuck no" the man nudges me to take the first step and he says "there you go" then i pushs a button and makes the rest of the bridge dirtyer and more run down, i close my eyes and talk a step forward.

In the dream I wake up in a hospitol lost without money and no way to get home, then beck hanson comes into my room singing, i wake up my cat turned on the radio to the song from my dream.

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Laur-Laur the Jetplane

Feb. 19th, 2006 | 10:41 am
dream mood(s): swollen
posted by: saucyrudolf in sleepysauce

Mike Christenen was teaching me how to fly airplanes on Wedgwood Elementary's playfield. And I was like, "Whatever, I'm already an expert at this, I could do a plane-backflip in 5th grade." But apparently I'd gotten a little rusty at it, 'cause I sucked.

Then we made posters in the HUT, and I stole a bunch of popcorn because it was neon-colored, and better than my popcorn. And I could eat it AND decorate my poster with it. How cool.

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Jan. 26th, 2006 | 06:01 pm
dream mood(s): confused, frightened
dream type: nightmare
posted by: saucyrudolf in sleepysauce

Last night I got two hours of sleep, half of which was a nightmare.

Most of the time throughout the dream I had this overwhelming sense of confusion. I remember going to sleep and then waking up in a bottum bunk in a blue room. There were two other people there, a guy and a girl. And the girl said cool-ly to me, "Oh yeah, you've been in a coma for 2 weeks." I was just like what's going on?

I left the room and tried to make my way around the house I was in but it was full of people. They all seemed to be angry at me or like they were trying to avoid me. Still feeling very lost and confused, I continued weaving aimlessly about these people.

Then a teacher threw a piece of BBQ chicken at me.
It hit me then I tried to catch it and I threw it back into the crowd.

The ceramics teacher started walking toward me and it seemed as if she still held no sort of grudge against me, or whatever, so I asked her, "Why does everyone hate me?" And she said that she'd have to tell me somewhere else unless I wanted anyone around who didn't hate me to start hating me. [As if she was going to tell me that I'd done something horrible, and those who may not have known about it didn't hold that grudge against me yet. But I didn't even know about it!]

I was still a confused Lauren.

She opened a door for me to go outside, and there waiting was a tall dark man. As soon as I realized that he was BAD, I opened my mouth to speak but he wrapped his whole arms around my neck and I couldn't breathe or speak. It was a very frightening feeling...

After a bit of this I woke up with a jolt.
5:40am, I'd only been asleep for 40 or so minutes.
Eugh. 2 hours left..

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New Layout!

Jan. 25th, 2006 | 09:02 pm
posted by: saucyrudolf in sleepysauce

I have changed the community's layout!
I ♥ Tranquility II!


You liike?

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