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Feb. 21st, 2006 | 01:34 pm
posted by: rewards4losers in sleepysauce

I was at a wedding in new york(in the 1920's)My best freind was getting marreid to this total bitch I hated her, and in real life i still honestly do, I remember during the wedding me and my other freind were plotting againest her so I couldnt think of anything, he of cousre has a knife and runs at them, a cop comes out of nowhere and assests him, im stock there just looking at him, wondering why he does that...

So after the wedding there was this giant limo, everyone gets in it, and forgets me I just stand outside watching go off then it explodes (apperently a bomb from the guy who got arrested) i was left in new york i head to the next bus stop and get on the next bus saying "Can this get me to wedgewood?" there are two drivers they one says yes the other no, I get on anyways, after a long ride they decied i should be let off

i was at a peir(still in new york), i go on it through a bridge i cross it all the way to the then i look down, were at least a mile up on the peir and the railing is down and the bridge is narowed, i look at the 3 people on the peir on walks off easily the other says "whats the matter kid, cross" i say "Fuck no" the man nudges me to take the first step and he says "there you go" then i pushs a button and makes the rest of the bridge dirtyer and more run down, i close my eyes and talk a step forward.

In the dream I wake up in a hospitol lost without money and no way to get home, then beck hanson comes into my room singing, i wake up my cat turned on the radio to the song from my dream.

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