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The REAL reason I haven't gotten paid.

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Nov. 18th, 2006 | 02:50 pm
posted by: saucyrudolf in sleepysauce

I was at the Boys & Girls Club again, but it was GIGANTIC. They were fairly plain rooms: the carpets were gray, and the walls were off-white. And there were tons of those big, shaped gymnastic-type mats to jump in. Like, hundreds of them, in a colorful pile. Ben (co-worker) did this insane jump over a tall cylindrical one to get on top of the pile, and I didn't think I could do that, but I tried anyway, and totally did it! And the cylinder-mat fell down behind me. Then we were just running around and jumping in the mats, and it was fun!

Then I saw, through a window, across another big room, and through another window, that there were gigantic inflatable toys. And I was like, I MUST jump on those. But I couldn't figure out how to get out of the room I was in. Eventually I found a door to which the handle had been taped shut, ripped the tape off, and ran through to the other room!

The Boys & Girls Club kids were in this room. There were a lot of little toys, and big toys... lots and lots of toys. There was at least one transformer, and a colorful foldy-fence kind of thing... anyway, I wandered around the room, toys scattered about the floor, looking for the giant inflatables. I acted inconspicuous, like I was actually looking for a kid. Dawn (the club superviser) asked me what I was doing, and I asked her what happened to the inflated toys?!

She told me that there were two of them, and Andre and Isabel (2 B&G kids) had eaten them. Isabel wandered over to us and explained that they were delicious. Then Dawn told me about how they now had bad stomach aches. Andre was across the room whimpering.

I was let down. So I started sweeping the room, which was ridiculously dirty, apparently! Piles of dirt were coming out of the carpet. While I was sweeping, a big, older guy (gray-haired and perhaps in his 50's) came in the room and started watching me. He said something rude, so I said, "You're kind of an asshole." Dawn was shocked! She explained to me that THIS was the man who signed all of our paychecks! And that if we made him angry, we might not get paid!

I thought that was stupid. I kept sweeping, but the broom got shorter so it was really ackward. He continued watching my sweep. I was slightly annoyed.

Then he took us on a ride to another car, and wouldn't let me play the radio very loud. We parked across the street from a really old car, and Ben (who was now actually Chris Jones) got out and opened the door to the old car, and immediately got covered in ashes, or something, so that there was this thick layer of white-gray powder all over him.

I was like, "He looks like a ghost!"

The asshole-man was not amused.

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